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i never update this journal. [Oct. 21st, 2008|10:08 pm]
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i only use this for communities dood.
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mood themess [: [Nov. 25th, 2007|04:34 pm]
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[Current Music |my american heart]

i just added paramore mood themes, which took forever. although i LOVE them [:
credit: this sweetie.

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11.1.07 [best day of my life.] [Nov. 24th, 2007|10:08 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |let the flames begin live - paramore]

[there are about 100000 run on sentences in here]

 1st of all, i am so very fortunate and blessed to have had this day happen and i am extremely thankful.

okay, so i won a contest from 102.1 for a club studio session with paramore.. it was surprisingly easy to win. so you just enter from the website, and a couple days later i got an email saying that i made the final cut and the first 20 people to reply with your phone number win, and they'd call you. but i hadn't received the email till about an hour and a half later because i decided to take a nap.. so i emailed back praying the best of luck. so i told my friend emily that too, and she entered as well and got the same email. [hah, my brother entered too so incase i lost] so the next day when i got home from school my mom was like "jake called." and i pretty much flipped a bitch.. and she said that he won. and i freaked. and then she said i won too, and that they called this morning [: so i get on the computer, and emily told me she won too. long story short, there was a lot of freaking going on there. sooo then the next day was the concert. [:

        so i got out of school early at 2:30 and got home to where my brother, his girlfriend amanda, my sister and i left to go meet paramore at the miramar theatre. so we get there and everybody's outside waiting in line. we got there at about 3:40. we checked in w/ the 1021 dude and stood in line and then he handed out 1021 tshirts [too bad they're all huge] and a print out pic of paramore for them to sign if you want. then they finally let us in at about 4:15 into this little room with seats around a standing room and a tiny stage. then paramore came out and it was my first time seeing them in real life and i pretty much flipped. [keep in mind i've been in love with them for a year and a half by now] it was really intimate, like i could have said something to the band and they would have responded. you were like just standing right in front of them. so hayley was wearing this blondie tshirt that i swore i saw at target once, a black hoodie, her infamous acid wash jeans, and her kickass converse everybody's been coveting. zac had this adorable newsboy hat on, and josh had his AA [american apparel] hoodie on thats diagonaly red and grey. jeremy had a beanie on and a shirt with sleeves cut off like he usually wears. i can't really recall what taylor was wearing though, but im pretty sure he was wearing a beanie as well. [: hayley is short and soo tiny. it's funny lol. hayley said how the last time they played in milwaukee [besides warped] at the rave they were on tour with.. [and i mentioned to my brother "simple plan" and hayley must have heard me because she said "yeah, simple plan"] and she said how they loved the rave because it was haunted and creepy. then they start out by playing crushx3 [i forgot to mention this was an acoustic set] and during the bridge amanda started clapping and hayley pointed and smiled at her.. TWICE. t'was awesome [: josh looked at me for like 3 seconds haha. then they stopped a bit to talk and they played misery business. before they played, hayley said "you guys sing along if you know it as loud as you can; don't be shy, we're all family." and it made me happy.. the we're all family part haha. then afterward they had a interview w/ kramp and adler. it was pretty awesome, and i downloaded the audio off the 102.1 site so just ask if you want it. then they had the signing, and the guys and gal sat on the stage in this order [left to right] josh, zac, hayley and jeremy. i was so nervous lol. when it was my turn in line, i took off my shoe and asked jeremy "do you mind signing a shoe??" and he said something like "yeah, that's awesome" n signed it and gave it to hayley and hayley signed it and then started writing RIOT! on it and i had the hugest smile cause i was hoping she'd draw on them.. cause i remember in a video she wrote "I LITTER" on somebody's shoe [: and then she looked up and i stared at her w/ amazement for like half a second not having any idea wtf to say cause i mean, its freaking hayley i cant just say you're my hero, even though she reallly really is, because she's heard that likea million times. [damn me and my horrible social skills] so she asked if i was going to the show tonight and i was like yeah most definately and then zac signed it and gave it to josh and it was time for them to take the pic of me & the band, and i was freaking so all i did was smile in the picture and josh signed my shoe and i said thank you! and he said you're welcome [: and i walked away while my sister got my pickguard signed and apparently zac said he liked her hair. then jay and amanda got my tshirt and jakes shirt signed and posed for a pic and idk jakes got a great personality so idk what he said to them. so we were sitting down waiting for everybody to get stuff signed. i was admiring the fact that josh had hayley's marker and she kept trying to grab it like a little kid, and josh kept pulling it away from her.. it was adorable haha. so then they got up to talk and amanda asked where hayley got her shirt, and hayley said "i dont know, the guys got it for me in my stocking last year" in that hayley voice and amanda kept telling me to go hug her and even though i wanted to i wouldnt budge so then when they were leaving amanda yells 'HAYLEY! WILL YOU PLEASE GIVE DANI A HUG SHE'S YOUR BIGGEST FAN SHE KNOWSS HOW TO PLAY ALL YOU'RE SONGS BLAH BLAH" [a little over the top, i know haha] so hayleys like sure! and she gave mea huge and i said thanks so much [hah] and then amanda tried to get a pic but hayley had to go and she said sorry & see you later. i was in awe haha so then when we were leaving we met kramp and adler on the way out and jay and amanda talked to them fora while, they're hilarious. so amanda was like OMG I WANNA GET A PIC W/ U GUYS so they got a pic and we left to go. amanda said how her voice live matches her voice on the record. she was really amazed and surprised.  then we ate at noodles & company. after that, we went to the rave.

so we get in and after security i realize how easy it wold have to sneak a camera in, in my bra [dangit!] so we head to the merch room to get that out of the way and when i walk in i see a girl w/ a twloha shirt and i didnt realize it was freaking lindsey [lawless] even though i was staring her right in the face haha. so then i flipped cause i knew she was gonna be there & i didnt think i'd see her though. so we bought merch and headed into the rave to just listen to set your goals for a bit and i ditched the family to go w/ lindsey n her brother and i felt kinda bad cause they took me, but w/ lindsey it would prolly bet funner [if it could get any more!} and her bro is a mosher and he could get us to the front.so we stood in the back during set your goals cuz they suck and then TSL came on. me and lindsey got bored so we walked into thelobby thing were jake amanda n becky were and amandas like 'OMG WE JUST SAW THE GUYS WALK THROUGH HERE INTO THE CONCERT AND NOBODY EVEN NOTICED" [prolly cause hayley wasn't with them] so me & lindsey were like DAMN so we went back into the concert and a few minutes later we came out again and talked to them again. n amanda again is like " THEY JUST CAME THROUGH AND WALKED OUT W/ NOBODY NOTICING AGAIN!" so iwas really like DAMN! so lindsey and i decided to wait awhile to see if we see them. liek 10 minutes later zac walks through into the concert so we decided to follow him.. well folllow what we saw was his path. so we get in and walk through the back and im like OMG THERE HE IS and in the back of the concert room, there is the light board and the sound board barricadded off by a baricade so you're like a few feet away from the people inside. and zac was in there! [and i noticed JOSH WAS ON THE TOHERSIDE!]so lindsey and i stood outside by zac for like 10 minutes until he left [we didnt wanna bother him while he was watching TSL] and thenw e went and stood by josh. [till he left] we were like litterally 4 feet from him for a bunch of minutes [: we just pretended like we were watching the show lol. then he left and we happened to run into lindseys brother after he came out of the mosh pit. we decided to make our way into the crowd since TSL's set was like half done. we went into the left side, and made our way to about 4 rows from the front and center, but a little off to the left. lindsey and i held hands the whole time lmao.then TSL got off and the freaking set up forprmr was hell. it was the most squished the whole concert. i could have like, picked up my feet and i would have just hung there haha, and worst of all i was all up on this girl and it was really gross lol i appologized to her multiple times because i obviously couldn't move. i amde a couple friends during that. i saw ronnie come out and set up hayleys mic n josh's guitar and i yelled "yeah ronnie!' haha so then the riot! video played.. w/ the intro and stuff and they came out and played for a pessimist and it got hell up in there and me and lindsey got seperated for the rest of the night. i got pushed back a good 10 rows and never made it back up there [my only regret, besides not starting a convo w/ hayley or any of the guys lol] but i still had a good view. after that it got really spacey so i could like actually like be confortable i guess. i screamed every single word to every song and i still had a voice.. although i couldn't sing for like a week after that hahaa. it still kicked ass even though i was in the crowd by myself. then they played faces in disguise and i belted out every word and i was the only one who knew it [: i felt bad cause this girl next to me was recording it and my voice would be on it but oh well aha. i KNEW that if i was closer hayley would have heard me then pointed and smiled [: before faces in disguise she said that when shemoved to franklin she met them and blah blah, and then zac gave her her own mix cd that said "hayley's mix" and she felt cool and this was the first song on it. and if it wasnt for that song, they prolly wouldnt be where they are today, and wouldnt' be the same. [something like that] her voice is soo amazing on that song and my heart as well. when they played fences she had us snap our fingers [: and on the balcony there was this whole line of people wearing crush shirts, so hayely said "you guys are looking crushalicious up there." so then they played my heart last, and it made my life. that is the most amazing song there is. and on the back drop [i knew they were going to do this, cause i watch too many live videos] they had a punch of pictures and such and then the bible scripture flash on and off [psalm 57:7 "my heart is fixed, o God, my heart is fixed; i will sing and give praise." ] and it was amazing. josh's screaming + loud ass speakers = greatest thing ever. then they left stage, but i knew they were coming back for an encore. oh yeah, and like halfway through the concert these dumb girls behind me were ilke 'ZOMGZ WHEN ARE THEY GONNA PLAY MISERY BUSINESS" and after like the 3rd time they said that i turned around and said "they're playing it last for their encore, she comes out w/ a camera and everything. it's really awesome" and they're like "well then i guess we'll just leave" ha ugh. but yeah. so they left stage and we yelled paramore and they came back on a few minutes later. they played decoy and i peed a little. it was amazinggggggg. then hayley put her hair in a bun and grabbed her camera. she showed us all the band members, and then the crowd. and she said that it was being broadcasted live all over the world, and then she's like nah im just joking haha so then they played misery business and it got pretty rowdy. i screamed the words cause i knew that "it was the last song i will ever sing" [nice allusion huh] and then they left. it was frickin amazing dudee. here is a list of the songs they played, not in order though:

For a pessimist, I’m pretty optimistic
Born for this
Never let this go [everytime they play this song, before it she says "this is a song about love, gone terribly wrong" she said it today too [: ]
Faces in disguise [sunny day real estate cover]
Let the flames begin [loveeeed the breakdown at the end]
Pressure [before it she always says IT'S TIME!! so she did it. and josh n jeremy did the flip  [: ]
Here we go again
that's what you get
When it rains
My heart

--encore-- [i peed a little during both songs..haha]
Misery business

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